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Wm rom 6 5 download

Updating other phone models is very similar.
Windows Phone and want to try out something new, then check out the new ready to install cooked ROMs.
Updating your windows mobile ROM.All phones are different in how they do this.Read more Read, dozens of Windows Mobile.5 Beta ROMs are floating around the tubes, collected, tweaked and prepared for your use by the kindly souls over.There are reports that it works fine in 32 bit version, and that it might work with the 64bit version if you disable driver signing.It's hard to imagine wanting to switch back, but if you do, just repeat the above process with a different ROM.Your phone will reset, and you should see a fresh Windows Mobile.5 splash screen.Luckily, if you've come this far, it'll be a snap.Windows Mobile.5 Hands On: The New Interface Rocks.Lets see its performance on HTC One (if I get the One).Our first order of business, then, is to install a new bootloader, called HardSPL, on the device, which will allow roulette spiel groß your handset to load software from third parties,.e., your sweet, sweet Windows Mobile ROM.Extract your downloaded radio files and note their location.I just went with the most recently updated version for my phone a) Download the ROM, windows mobile.5 ROM for HTC Touch dual p?t534205 b) Turn your phone off, and start it up in the boot loader.I'd recommend PIM Backup, which I've used for years.Otherwise, follow closely and youand your phoneshould be just fine.Once in the boot loader, plug the USB cable in so that the phone says USB.Pair your phone with your PC, like you did in step.The small text in the corner of your Windows Mobile splash screen will have changed to something unfamiliar, but don't worry about verifying your new bootloader.You are now the proud, semi-legal owner of a Windows Mobile.5 smartphone!Same process, different.NBH file.There are plenty.1 installs, including the official carrier versions, available from the same place you found your.5 download.
The guys who so graciously put together these ROMs, which often take a good deal of tweaking, leave their marks on the software in various ways.
As for the settings parameters, Google is your friend.