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Super mario 2 slot machine tips

2 warp locations and secrets, this guide will show you where to find them as well as 1UP Locations, level shortcuts and general tips for this 8-bit classic NES sequel to the original Super Mario Bros.
Subcon is the name of the Parallel World in online casino roulette flash Super Mario Bros.
Youll find a letter with some bricks and a door behind them.2, you can find various warps hidden in the game.Adventure in Vegas: Slot Machine Questions. Sent by IanMurphy.Inside the door, pull the grass patch on the bottom right for this 1UP.Well show you where these warp pipes are in this video.Then drop down and do the same thing a second time.Walk into a corner to create a close-knit triangle, or into a wall to make a straight line.You should be at the Fryguy.Sznesxvk Infinite lives, gzelvxse Infinite life meter (except if you hit a spike).3.) Save One Extra Power-Up, its always a smart idea to have an extra power-up handy, just in case you accidentally take damage or fall into the pit.Luigi has the best jumping abilities.Enter one of these Warp Jars by pressing Down while in Subcon and youll magically reappear at a later level!Pick up the potion and set it down somewhere.Use the Potion here to enter Subcon and then go down the far right Warp Jar.2 on the Wii Virtual Console for 500 Wii Points, or play it a number of other ways.With some grass and a cup like thing.For more, read our free walkthrough, and go in-depth with, primas eGuide.Before you start ripping through the plants, you must know there is a potion amongst the plants.Level 1-2 : Go into the first Jar you come across (in the regular world, not Subcon).
Doing this may reveal invisible blocks that contain gold coins and power-ups.